Toby Keith’s “Made in America” Lyrics Meaning

“Made in America” is a chart-topping expression of Toby Keith’s patriotism. Indeed Keith has quite a few songs articulating his love of America in his catalog, with his strong feelings for his country already being an established theme in his career before the release of this track. But what prompted the writing of this particular song was a recurring conversation he had amongst colleagues weighing the pros and cons of patronizing American-made products, with such goods often being labeled as “made in America”.

As such, the song begins with Keith talking about his dad, who fits the stereotype of a classic patriot. For instance, he always worked hard, “living off the land”, implying that he was truly engaged in rugged, rural-based toils. He has also lived his life in an upright manner. And it pains him to see the American market flooded with foreign goods.

This is because, as mentioned earlier, he truly loves his country. In fact it would appear that he was marine. Moreover his commitment to this ideology is manifest in him buying items which are made in the USA, even if they are pricier than imports. Such actions are not based on him hating other nations.  Rather they are founded in a supportive affection for his own homeland.

Lyrics of "Made in America"

And as for his wife, she also fits the role of a patriot. For instance, she observes the 4th of July and indeed acknowledges every day as Independence Day. She also has an exemplary character and is a teacher by profession. Moreover she is committed to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, even at a time when doing so is not so popular.

Ultimately these types of individuals raise their families on two principles – the Bible and patriotism.  And Toby Keith is proud to be able to recognize his dad as someone who is truly “made in America”.

Facts about “Made in America”

  • “Made in America” was co-written by Toby Keith, Scott Reeves and Bobby Pinson. Toby also worked on the production of this song.
  • This is the first track on Toby’s 15th album, which is entitled Clancy’s Tavern. It was released in June 2011 under Show Dog-Universal Music.
  • The music video of “Made in America”, which was shot in Wisconsin, was directed by Michael Salomon.
  • Having climbed to the summit of the Billboard Hot Country Songs in October 2011, “Made in America” went on become one of Keith’s most successful songs. Furthermore, it also made it to number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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