“Too Much Too Young” by The Specials

In “Too Much Too Young”, the term “too much” ultimately alludes to the addressee biting off more than she can chew. And as indicated by the title, said individual is also quite “young”. And basically, why the singer is lambasting her is because, despite her youth, she finds herself “married with a kid”.

However, this is not some sort of a PSA, whereas he is speaking out against teenage pregnancy in general. Rather the true reason he is pissed off that she is locked down with a family is because, succinctly put, he desires to sleep with her himself. And her current state is preventing him from doing so. As such, he is putting that at her age she should not be restricted to the role of a housewife primarily because if she were not, instead she “could be having fun with” him.

Facts about “Too Much Too Young”

The Specials released it as the lead track from their famed 1980 EP titled “The Special AKA Live!” It is worth stating that the band’s famous cover of “Guns of Navarone” also features on said EP.

The band’s founder and primary songwriter, Jeremy Dammers, penned “Too Much Too Young”.

This ska-inspired track was one of the most successful singles in Britain in 1980. In February, it topped the official singles chart of the territory in question. It remained atop the chart for a total of two weeks before finally being replaced by Kenny Rogers’ classic hit “Coward of the County“.

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