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Ghost Town by The Specials

“Ghost Town” by The Specials

“Ghost Town” is focused on the unstable status of Britain’s economy, particularly in 1981, the period in which it was written. The main issues it addresses are economic instability, unemployment and violence. According to...

Too Much Too Young

“Too Much Too Young” by The Specials

In “Too Much Too Young”, the term “too much” ultimately alludes to the addressee biting off more than she can chew. And as indicated by the title, said individual is also quite “young”. And basically, why...

The Specials

“Guns of Navarone” by The Specials

Lyrically this song utilizes a Jamaican musical style known as “toasting”. Perhaps the best way to describe toasting is as freestyling. And accordingly, the lyricist doesn’t seem to make much of an attempt to stick to any particular topic...