Top 10 Songs of All Time

Music is another form of food which feeds our body, soul and spirit. In it we find solace, energy, joy and other great feelings. Over several decades ago, the world has witnessed a plethora of exceptional musicians from different genres and geographical regions produce hit songs worth-listening to. We have therefore compiled a list of the ten greatest songs of all time. We highly encourage you to give your ears a chance to listen to these top ten global hit songs. You are free to thank us later.

1.      Bob Dylan – “Like a Rolling Stone”

Released by the American singer and songwriter, Bob Dylan on 20th July 1965, the track has a six-minute thirteen seconds length of play time. It was a single from his Highway 61 Revisited album. The song is characteristic of the Folk rock genre and it was produced by Tom Wilson. The initial public response to this song wasn’t so great partly due to its long length of about 6 minutes. However, a month later after its release, “Like a Rolling Stone” performed wonders by climbing to the second position in the US Billboard Hot 100. It later took the number one spot on the US Cashbox Top 100 and exploded across the globe as a worldwide hit track.


2.      The Rolling Stones – “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

Surprised or confused? There is no need to be.  Bob Dylan’s track, “Like a Rolling Stone” is different from the English rock band, “The Rolling Stones”.

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” contains lyrics about sensual frustrations. Coincidentally, the song was also released in 1965. The song is a single from the group’s album, Out of Our Heads. After its release, topped both the UK Singles and the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. It also reached the number 1 spot in several other countries, including Norway, the Netherlands and Austria. Due to its huge effect in the music industry, the song is considered one of the most iconic songs of all time.

3.      John Lennon – “Imagine”

This is a song which was written by the English musical giant, John Lennon. “Imagine” is a single from the musician’s album entitled Imagine. You won’t like to miss the content-packed lyrics of this song. The song advises listeners to think about a peaceful world without national segregations and materialism. We highly recommend you to go download and listen to it. It is a three-minute soft rock track released in 1971.

4.      Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On”

“What’s Going On” is an iconic song was released in 1971 by American recording artist, Marvin Gaye. Inspiration was drawn from a police violence occurrence encountered by the composer, Renaldo Benson. It is a single from Gaye’s What’s Going On album. The track maintained the first spot on the Hot Soul Singles Chart for weeks. It later peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and sold more than 2 million copies. Please go and check it out.

5.      Aretha Franklin – “Respect”

An unforgettable 1965 song originally released by American recording artist, Otis Redding. The song was later refined by Aretha Franklin (an R& B singer); it became a big hit in 1967. Aretha’s version of the song carries romantic lyrics about how endowed she is and therefore deserves respect from her man. Unfortunately, the hit song has a length of about two and half minutes. That is still not bad. Go and fetch it and let your ears taste good music. Owing to its remarkableness, it wasn’t surprising that the song won two Grammy Awards in 1968. The title of the album “Respect” appears on is I Never Loved a Man the Way I Loved You. That sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

6. The Beach Boys – “Good Vibrations”

A very hot song released in the year 1966 by the American rock band The Beach Boys. It became an instant hit after its release, thereby topping several charts in the US and UK. “Good Vibrations” is generally recognized as one of the best tracks ever produced in the pop era. The 3.5-minute track is a blend of love lyrics with acoustic vibrations from the cosmos. The carefully, but expensively produced song successfully secured a Grammy Nomination in 1966 for Best Vocal Group. It was later added to Grammy Hall of Fame in 1994. This song is definitively worth your attention.

7. Chuck Berry – “Johnny B. Goode”

It is a rock and roll track recorded and released by Chuck Berry in 1958. That is over half a century ago, but it still receives significant airplay across the world today. Good things indeed never fade away! The track became a big hit and thus took numerous charts by storm. But what really is “Johnny B. Goode” all about? The song is basically autobiographical in nature as it talks about Berry’s setbacks in the countryside and his quest to succeed.

8. The Beatles – “Hey Jude”

This is one of the most famous songs by the English rock band The Beatles. It was released in 1968. Being a very powerful song, it took no time gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, the United States and numerous countries across the globe. For example, it topped the US Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks. One exciting thing about this song is its relatively lengthy play time. It is an inspirational track which runs for more than seven minutes.

9. Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

American rock band Nirvana released this big song in 1991 from their album named, Nevermind. As expected, the song garnered a lot of awards for its greatness. One remarkable thing about this big track is its evergreen nature. Hurry up! Just go and have fun with it.

10. Ray Charles – “What’d I Say”

“What’d I Say” is an R&B song by the legendary American musician Ray Charles. It was released in July 1959. If you are a big fan of Rhythm and Blues, then you would really enjoy listening to this melodic track. The song is deemed as one of the most influential songs in the history of music.

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