Meaning of TURPENTINE by blink-182

The song “TURPENTINE” by blink-182 delves into themes of internal struggles, self-destruction, and seeking ways to cope with pain. The lyrics describe a person attempting various harmful methods to numb or cleanse their emotional pain, represented by substances like kerosene, ketamine, and turpentine. There’s a sense of desperation and hopelessness, with the singer questioning their self-worth and wondering if they’re different from others.

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They face feelings of anxiety, loss, and hopelessness. There’s also commentary on societal issues, as the mention of a “generation lost and forgotten” and the line about “god ain’t coming back” suggest disillusionment. The random, self-destructive acts mentioned throughout the song emphasize a chaotic state of mind and the lengths one might go to escape their feelings.

When was “TURPENTINE” released?

This track, like the album, was released on 20th October, 2023. The album, “One More Time…” is blink-182’s ninth album to date.

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