“Walk Man” by Tiny Meat Gang

The Tiny Meat Gang is a duo comprised of social-media celebrities/comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller. So in that regard, you already know that the song “Walk Man” is going to have a comedic element to it.

However, there are times that it also reads like a serious rap. For instance, the title is centered on the artists telling listeners who are not feeling their style to “take a walk man”. And what do they mean by this? They basically mean such listeners should get out of their faces and not to “push (their) buttons” (thus referencing the classic Walkman handheld music device in the process). Or put differently, despite their comedic approach, a listener can tell that the Tiny Meat Gang put some thought into the lyrics of the song. It is therefore safe to say that if they really wanted to, could transition into humorless rappers.

And as for the song itself, it is based on their interactions with women. And in that regard, as alluded to earlier, they are mocking the mainstream rap industry by also featuring overly-sexualized, exploitative lyrics. However, they bring it all home by letting the audience know that no matter how macho they may come off to be it is actually their ladies who are in control.

Writing and Release Date of “Walk Man”

Tiny Meat Gang wrote “Walk Man” themselves.

Released on 7 June 2019, this served as Tiny Meat Gang’s first song of 2019.


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