“Short Kings Anthem” by blackbear & Tiny Meat Gang

The lyrics of “Short Kings Anthem” by blackbear & Tiny Meat Gang are dedicated to bigging up short guys. And when they talk about short guys, they are basically referring to those whose height only reaches “5-foot something”. The song is centered specifically on the artists and their notable exploits despite the fact that they present themselves as being exceptionally-short. And the activities they brag about engaging in are primarily intimately-based. But according to the rappers, there are also other benefits to not being too tall. One such advantage is being able to fly “economy” yet “still (have) leg room”.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Blackbear's Short Kings Anthem at Lyrics.org.

 So overall this is a comedy-rap song in which Black and Tiny Meat Gang present themselves as being “short kings”, as in great, formidable men despite not possessing what society deems as an ideal height.  And as the title implies and as pointed out in the track’s outro, this song is meant to serve as an “anthem”, as in an aspiration to short men everywhere.

First collabo between Tiny Meat Gang and blackbear

This song serves as the first collabo between Tiny Meat Gang members and blackbear. Furthermore, it serves as the Tiny Meat Gang’s first collaboration.

 Writers and Producers of “Short Kings Anthem”

The Tiny Meat Gang (Noel Miller and Cody Ko) wrote the song along with Blackbear. Meanwhile the track was produced by Avedon and Diamond Pistols.

Release Date of “Short Kings Anthem”

“Short Kings Anthem” was officially released on 21 June 2019.

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