What inspired John Lennon to write “Imagine”?

“Imagine” was purely inspired by John Lennon’s desire for two primary things. The first being world peace. The second being his vision of a utopian world – a world that is devoid of borders, religions, or material possessions.

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In addition to the above, his wife Yoko Ono’s art pieces also significantly influenced the song. Lennon himself said that Yoko’s book titled “Grapefruit” which came out in 1964 had so much influence on him to the point where it also significantly inspired the lyrics of “Imagine”.

All in all, this song is all about Lennon’s hopes for harmony and unity among all the people of the world.

John’s passion for world peace was deeply rooted in his personal experiences and beliefs. Throughout his career, both with The Beatles and as a solo artist, he heavily promoted peace and activism everywhere he went.

For example, he actively opposed the Vietnam War. He was also actively involved in countless peaceful demonstrations against injustice and war.

One of his songs, “Give Peace a Chance” became a famous anthem for anti-war movements.

Sadly, Lennon was assassinated in 1980. His brutal assassination only further underscored the importance and urgency of his message.

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