“Why Should I Be Sad?” by Britney Spears

On “Why Should I Be Sad?”, Britney questions her own emotions while blaming herself for being in a toxic relationship that has caused her pain. Due to the wording used in the lyrics of this song, it is apparent that Britney is referring to her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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In the first verse, she reveals how most of the people around her couldn’t understand why she agreed to date and subsequently marry this guy who was noted for being a womanizer. She realizes how shallow she was to have fallen for his tricks without assessing the risks involved in marrying him. As she states in the second verse, she initially thought her show of trust and dedication to this man could make it all better. She recalls how her friends and family did not trust him and suggested he was just playing her to get some of her money, but she ignored them.

The third and fourth verses detail how she spent her money sending him on a trip to Vegas, and buying expensive cars and houses for him. Instead of all these gestures making him appreciate her more, he pays her back by cheating on her with other people. Now that Britney realizes that this guy was no good for her, she regrets choosing to be with him despite all the criticisms. She is tired of putting up with all the pain he brings and will no longer feel saddened by his actions. In the bridge, she assures him that she will take care of their children and protect them from all the rumors in the media. As she ends the track, she declares her readiness to finally move on and start over without him.


The best way to describe “Why Should I Be Sad?” is as a diss song targeting Kevin Federline.

“Why Should I Be Sad?” Facts

Writing: Pharrell Williams
Production: Chad Hugo alongside Williams (The Neptunes)
Album: Britney Spears’ dance-pop album “Blackout” of 2007
Release: 25th October, 2007

The Britney Spears Kevin Federline Feud

Kevin Federline is a musician in his own right, but his true claim to fame is having been married to music superstar Britney Spears from 2004 to 2007. And it was Spears who initiated their divorce. According to one account, she did so because she was under the impression that he would file first. But Kevin has rather asserted that her doing so caught him completely by surprise.

During their marriage, Britney gave birth to two sons, one in 2005 and the other in 2006.  And the way the confusion concerning their divorce played out is that the boys, respectively Sean and Jayden Federline, were at the center of the conflict. Or more specifically Kevin and Britney got to fighting over child custody.

At the end of the day what transpired was that Kevin received both legal and physical custody of the children. At first Federline was able to achieve exclusive physical custody, with the legal side to be decided later. Then what cemented his legal status also was an incident where Britney refused to give the children to him even after the court ordered her to. This not only resulted in Kevin getting full custody of the boys but also Spears being hospitalized.

But that being said, Britney has still served as a mother in her sons’ lives. That is to say that the aforementioned custody battle has not prevented Kevin from allowing her to see her children.

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