“You Make Me Sick!” by Ashnikko

Ashnikko, the colorful singer from North Carolina, dropped her first studio album, “Demidevil”, in 2021. That project resulted in a couple of hits, most notably 2020’s Daisy. And one of her previous tracks, a 2019 collaboration with Yung Baby Tate called “Stupid”, has also thus far achieved RIAA-platinum status.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Ashnikko's You Make Me Sick! at Lyrics.org.

Meanwhile, “You Make Me Sick”, which came out on February 8th, is the songstress’s first release of 2023. At the time it is not clear if this track, which Ashnikko co-wrote with Slinger and Oscar Scheller, will be featured on a larger project. Slinger, a regular collaborator of the vocalist, also produced this track. (And just as an interesting side note, the visual effect Ashnikko currently has on her homepage to promote this single is pretty damn cool.)


Ashnikko has expressed an affinity for “angry femmes in music”. Accordingly, in an attempt to operate by that standard, she designed “You Make Me Sick” to be her “angriest, most-cathartic song to date”. And who particularly has Ashnikko pissed at the moment is whom she refers to as “these incel maggot parasite-like creatures on the internet”, with incels apparently being her most-hated rivals.

That said, whether or not the addressee of this song is an incel is a matter of debate. As generally understood, an incel is someone who has difficulty securing a romantic/sexual partner. But in this case, the person whom the vocalist is venting against would be her ex, whom the vocalist obviously, according to the lyrics, did have sex with.

But not that he was any good at it anyway. For as depicted, the addressee ‘don’t know his way around a p*-sy’ and is generally presented in the pre-chorus as someone who is lacking in bed.

Meanwhile, the first verse clearly illustrates that Ashnikko regrets ‘letting his hands inside her bloomers’ to begin with. The second verse operates more along the general motif of this piece, which is the vocalist coming up with poetic ways to express her strong disdain for the addressee.

So of course, it would be this individual who makes the vocalist “sick”, which is another way of saying that she can’t stand him. The implication is that when this relationship first started, Ashnikko was aware of his shortcomings but was convinced that she could “train” him to be the type of lover she desired. But now, she has learned through experience that the addressee is “a bitch” beyond redemption.


Ashnikko is a self-described pansexual and for the last couple of years has been in a romantic relationship with a female. So all in all, it may not be that these lyrics are based on a real-life romance she was involved in. That is to say that the songstress has already let it be known, in a roundabout way, that one of the purposes of “You Make Me Sick” is to lash out at incels. 

So logic would dictate that the addressee would be the personification of such an individual, i.e. a guy who probably should have never tried to hook up with a femme like herself.

“You make me sick
You make me turn my insides out onto the bricks
I could never train a bi–h like you
Click, c-c-click, c-c-click, click (Woof)
You like my boots?
I could squash you like a little rotten fruit
On your jugular and leave a pretty bruise
Attitude and the booze won’t save you”

2 Responses

  1. SeoulHunter says:

    This song is so good. I sneak out so good. This may be her best release ever, upcoming. Let’s go new album.

  2. Bill Koegler says:

    Major Impact !!!! I FEEL the Disdain and waking up to the HORROR of having had TOTALLY LAME Sex with this INEPT Douchebag Ken Doll with no functioning appendage.

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