“Absurd” by Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses’ “Absurd” reads like a diss track, not against a specific person per se but rather a type of individual. And whereas the language being utilized is for the most part extremely-powerful – offensive even – it can still be deemed as very much ambiguous.

But the bridge and the chorus are not only the simplest parts of the lyrics but also, in the grand scheme of the piece, the most revealing. And going out on a limb, it seems that the types of people Axl Rose and co. are bringing it to is those who destroy themselves. In other words, it’s as if the vocalist is labeling individuals who give into self-destructive tendencies as being “absurd”, i.e. foolish human beings. But again, if such is the case then he is putting this message forth in a very tough-love kind of way.

Lyrics of "Absurd" by Guns N' Roses

Facts about “Absurd”

Even if “Absurd” doesn’t blow up, it still holds a special place in Guns N’ Roses’ history. And that’s because upon being released on 6 August 2021, this marked the first single the legendary band has put out in nearly 15 years or since 2008, to be exact.

Guns N’ Roses bandmates are credited with writing this song. The writing credits are as follows:

  • Axl Rose
  • Dizzy Reed
  • Duff McKagan
  • the Slash

Axl also co-produced the track with Caram Constanzo, i.e. the same production team behind Chinese Democracy, the band’s last studio album to date, which also came out back in 2008. In other words, “Absurd” itself was originally composed in 2001.

According to Chris Pitman, another member of Guns N’ Roses, the reason this track wasn’t included on the aforementioned album is because “it didn’t’ fit with Chinese Democracy”, rather “sound(ing) like Guns N’ Roses 10 or 15 in the future”. So with him having made that statement in 2008, now those words sound kinda prophetic.

There’s an alternate version of this song that was leaked to the public in 2018.

Prior to being officially released, this track was known as “Silkworms”. And the first time Guns N’ Roses performed it live, as “Absurd”, was via Boston’s Fenway Park, on 3 August 2021.  (Meanwhile, they first performed “Silkworms” in 2001.)

The official name of this track, as stylized by Guns N’ Roses, is actually ABSUЯD.


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    It’s funny how the italics in the print have a backwards R with blood and the same italics nirvana used

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