Adam Lambert’s “New Eyes” Lyrics Meaning

The premise of this song is the singer going through some form of depression which has persisted “for awhile”. However, this has changed upon him becoming acquainted with the addressee of the song, who is apparently his lover. That is because this person possesses the titular “new eyes”.  He gives this person such a distinction not only due to the color of their eyes, which Adam describes as being “virgin like blue skies”. But more importantly, it appears that being with his lover allows him to see the world through their perspective. 

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And this brings newness to his life as (in contrast to his personal disposition) she is a happy, excitable person.

So Adam relates to his dear in ways typical to a romantic relationship, such as having an overall fascination for them. But what really makes this romance unique is that by adopting the outlook of his lover, indeed even by being in her presence, Lambert himself has become a more-optimistic person, appreciative of life in general.

Facts about “New Eyes”

  • Empire Distribution released “New Eyes” and its music video on 15 May 2019.
  • In this song, Lambert tried to create a sound reminiscent of “glam and classic rock from the ‘70s and ‘80s”. Many believe he succeeded in doing so.
  • Apparently the depression that serves as the premise to this song was something Adam Lambert went through in real life. And he credits touring with Queen as what helped him overcome it. Based on this, it is safe to say some of the track’s lyrics are autobiographical.
  • “New Eyes” was written by the trio of Paris Carney, Adam Lambert and Jamie Sierota. The latter also served as the producer of the song.

On which Adam Lambert album can “New Eyes” be found?

This track will eventually be featured on a forthcoming album from Adam Lambert entitled Velvet.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I had just gotten cataract surgery and I was telling everybody I had new eyes. Then Adam comes out with the song new eyes. Is that a coincidence or something? I have been following Adam ever since he appeared on American idol. Such a talented person!

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