“Afraid to Feel” by LF System

In this case, the party that’s being designated as the one “afraid to feel” is the addressee. And what it reads like is that he’s a romantic interest of a vocalist who, unlike him, is depicted as being ready to throw her whole heart into their relationship. The reason she’s calling him out so is because Debra is able to perceive that the strong level of interest is mutual. Yet she has also gleaned that, like other men she has come across, the addressee too is fearful of a real love.

So conclusively, besides for obviously being a dance song as indicative by its lyrical repetition, what “Afraid to Feel” comes off as is an invitation by the vocalist to a romantic interest, telling him not to be scared to be thoroughly smitten by her.

Lyrics to LF System's "Afraid to Feel"

LF System

LF System is comprised of a pair of musicians from the Scottish city of Glasgow in Sean Finnigan and Conor Larkman. As of this writing, the act has yet to score worldwide stardom proper. Currently, the duo’s discography contains only a few songs.

When was “Afraid to Feel” released?

The duo released “Afraid to Feel” on the 2nd of May, 2022. Warner Records is the label behind the song’s release.

Having met with instant success, this track played a crucial role in putting LF System on the map.


Sean and Conor are credited with writing and producing this song.

The song samples a 1979 track by a band named Silk called “I Can’t Stop (Turning You On)“.

The vocalist on this track is one Debra Henry. 

Important to note:

This song appeared in the Top 5 on the UK Singles Chart just weeks after it was officially released. This is undoubtedly a great accomplishment for a relatively unknown act.

Afraid to Feel

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