“Take Mine” by Brandy Clark

“Take Mine” is a friendship song, one of those types where the vocalist is presenting herself as someone who has the addressee’s back. But in this case, what the former is offering is the likes of her “light”, “faith” and “courage”. Or we can take it that said friend is a depressed one. And since Brandy has more than enough positivity to share, she is offering encouragement to this individual. And that’s because, as revealed in the chorus, when the situation was reversed and she was in need of love, this person likewise shared such affection with Clark. So now it’s as if the vocalist is returning the favor.

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“Take mine, mine will pull you through it
When love, love was all I needed
God knows you gave me yours”

When was this song released?

On May 19th, 2023, Brandy Clark’s self titled fourth studio album was released through Warner Records. “Take Mine” is one of the 11 songs found on the album.

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