Akon has proven to be one of the most-influential musicians of the early-20th century.  This is not only in terms of hits he has come out with but also as a record executive and founder of Konvict Muzik. Indeed there was a point in time when you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing the ubiquitous “Konvict” calling tag preceding one of the songs he was involved in.

Akon has honestly been one of the most-successful artists ever. In fact in 2007 he set a Billboard Hot 100 record by becoming the first singer to have tracks he headlined or was featured in hold down the top 2 spots on 2 different occasions. And by the way, both of these occurrences transpired within just months of each other. In the first instance it was his own tracks, “I Wanna Love You” at number one and “Smack That” at number two.  And in the latter it was his song “Don’t Matter” at number one and Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape“, featuring Akon, in second place.

Akon has proven so successful that in 2018 the government of his African homeland, Senegal, teamed up with the singer to begin building a locality called Akon City in said country.

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