“Letter to My Son” by Akon

Akon’s “Letter to My Son” typically describes a conversation targeted at the younger generation from a place of experience and remorse. Here, the narrator is a father who seems to be incarcerated as a result of crimes he committed in his youth.

He reveals to his son who is now older that he got involved in crimes and all sorts of shady deals just so he could give his son a better life. He is remorseful yet uses these feelings to explain the reason behind his sacrifice.

The narrator further explains that he worked extremely hard both legally and illegally just so he could fend for his son and give him a better future. As a good parent but a bad role model, he stresses on the point that his son does not have to get involved with crime or be associated with bad deeds because he went through all of that and does not want him to repeat the cycle.

The lyrics of “Letter to My Son” might be autobiographical in nature, considering Akon once spent some significant amount of time behind bars. This was prior to his becoming famous. FYI, In 1998, Akon was arrested and jailed for a number of months for the crime of possessing a stolen car.

“Letter to My Son” was released in July 2020 as part of Akon’s “Ain’t No Peace” 2020 project.

Akon teamed up with the song’s exclusive producer Will IDAP to compose it.

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