Al Green

Al Green is an American singer, songwriter and preacher who became internationally famous with the release of a number of hit singles in the 1970s, most notably the song titled, “Let’s Stay Together”. His other notable songs include such songs as

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  • “Take Me to The River”
  • “Tired Of Being Alone”
  • “I’m Still In Love With You”
  • “Look What You’ve Done For Me”

Facts about Al Green

  • Al Green was born to Robert Greene, Jr. and Cora Lee on 13th April, 1946 in Arkansas, United States.
  • Green grew up with several brothers, with whom he performed in a family band called the Greene Brothers. He was only around 10 years old when that happened.
  • During his teenage years, his extremely religious father kicked him out of the family home after catching him listening to songs from American soul singer Jackie Wilson.
  • Green was once romantically linked to a woman called Mary Woodson White in the 1970s. White tragically committed suicide on the 8th of October, 1974 with Green’s gun after she assaulted him by pouring a pot of boiling grits on his naked body. The reason White assaulted Green and committed suicide was because Green refused getting married to her. The tragic death of White made Green change his ways and become an ordained pastor in 1976.
  • After Mary’s tragic death, Green got married to a woman named Shirley Kyles in June, 1977. He had three children with her. The marriage came to an end in 1983.
  • 1995 and 2004 saw Green being honored with inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame respectively.
  • In 2004, Green was placed at number 65 on the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.
  • In 2014, Green and four others (including Sting and Tom Hanks) were honored at the Kennedy Center Gala.

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