Meaning of “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” by Tyler, The Creator

On “Are We Still Friends”, Tyler, the Creator wrestles greatly with the age-old question of whether or not it’s possible to remain friends with a former lover, one whom he was obviously deeply involved with. 

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And the conclusion the vocalist comes to for this situation personally is that, whereas it really doesn’t necessarily read as if Tyler wants to remain friends with his ex, more importantly he doesn’t want it to be as if the two of them have beef going forward. 

Or as Tyler plainly puts it, he would like the addressee to “keep [in] contact”. So all of that would imply that their breakup wasn’t a peaceful one, but at the same time it wasn’t so tumultuous as to cause permanent interpersonal damage, at least as far as one of the parties is concerned.

Meanwhile, concerning Pharrell’s contribution, it’s definitely the most poetic part of this song lyrically.  But he seems to be making an argument similar to that of the main vocalist – that maintaining a relationship with an ex can be emotionally taxing and confusing even, but it’s better to remain friends than not.

“Are we still friends? Can we be friends?
Are we still friends? I’ve got to kno–
If we can still see each other
Shake your hand, say hi
Long ago, long ago, long ago”

When was “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS” released?

This song represents the twelfth track on the playlist of the rapper’s fifth studio offering entitled “Igor”. Not released as a single, “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” was issued along with its album on May 17 of 2019.

“Igor” is a product of popular US record label, Columbia Records. It was accompanied by just one single titled “Earfquake“, which officially dropped on June 4 of 2016.

Writers & Producers

Tyler is credited as the sole producer of this track as well as its entire album. He co-wrote the song along with the following artists:

  • Al Green
  • Pharrell Williams

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