Alabama 3

Alabama 3 is a band from England, not the US state of Alabama.  In fact they often use the abbreviated moniker “A3” as there is already a band called Alabama who are actually from Alabama.

The unique name of the group points to the overall colorfulness of its members.  Alabama 3 started off with the musicians listed below:

  • Rob Spragg (also known by the name Larry Love)
  • Jake Black (also called Wayne Love)

Jake Black passed away in 2019. And as of 2020 the other members of the band, include the following:

  • Orlando Harrison
  • Mark Sams
  • Steve Finnerty
  • Jonny Delafons
  • Greg Fleming
  • Be Atwell
  • Nick Reynolds
  • Aurora Dawn

Alabama 3’s music catalog dates back to 1996. The track they are best known for is a 1997 tune entitled “Woke Up This Morning“. Despite not being a hit in and of itself, it has made its way solidly into pop culture, as it was used as the opening song for the very-popular HBO series, “The Sopranos”. And interesting to note is that Queensbridge rapper Nas also sampled said track on one of his biggest hits, “Got Ur Self A…” (2001).

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