“All at Once” by Whitney Houston

In the beginning verse of the song, the narrator seems to have finally woken up to the consciousness that her lover is no longer with her. She frequently uses the phrase ‘all at once’ to signify the intensity and shock associated with her realization.

As she reveals more details in the chorus, it is seen that her ex is the only one she has loved, hence she can’t fathom living without him. She compares her disturbed state of mind to wandering on a lonely sea while expressing her pain at the thought of being left with just their memories. In the second verse, we see that this ex has not just parted ways, but is actually in a new relationship which makes the writer even more jealous.

It is out of a painful place that the narrator recollects how she used to be the one enjoying his company and smiles. The song ends with her helplessly wishing that he might change his mind and come back to her.


“All At Once” is a breakup song which captures the emotions of losing a partner to another person and the agony of holding on to memories.

Facts about “All at Once”

“All at Once” is a single from Whitney’s famed self-titled first album. Though it wasn’t officially released in the United States, the song was unveiled in a number of countries in Europe, as well as, Japan between 1985 and 1986.

It received massive playtime which increased its popularity in the USA, Europe, and Asia. At the end of the day, it was ranked among the top five songs in countries like Belgium, and Italy.

It also became the singer’s first hit song in the Netherlands, and was also among the top 5 in the country.

A promotional video of the song was first released to people in Japan and Germany before a second video was dropped for other countries in Europe.

Throughout her career, this was one of Whitney’s most performed songs at live events and shows.

In all, the Whitney’s bestselling “Whitney Houston” album produced six singles, including “All at Once”. The rest are as follows:

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