“You Give Good Love” by Whitney Houston

As this titular phrase implies, Whitney Houston seems to have finally found a person that meets all her desires and expectations. The song begins with the writer expressing her joy over finding the exact thing she was looking for.

In the chorus, she points out that this person, though new in her life subconsciously knows what she needs and it feels like they have known each other for long. While she may not have realized it in the beginning, she is now aware that this partner loves and treats her much better than anyone else. As a reward, she gives him her heart to keep as a sign of trust.

Unlike other relationships, the narrator here is quite confident that this person will keep loving her and their bond will last very long.


“You Give Good Love” centers on finding a suitable partner who meets a person’s expectations and treats them as respectable as they’d love to be treated.

Facts about “You Give Good Love”

Whitney released this in February 1984 as one of the singles from her self-titled first album.

In addition to this track, Whitney’s “Whitney Houston” album birthed six singles, including the following:

As usual, Whitney didn’t write this track. It’s official writer is an American singer and songwriter by name of La Forrest Cope (aka La La). Actually this song is considered La La’s best known work.

The song is considered as one of the singer’s most significant hits, considering how brilliantly it performed on some well-known charts. For example, in August 1985, it reached number three in the United States. Furthermore, it went on to sell more than 25 million units the world over.

In 1986, it earned two nominations at the Grammy Awards.

As one of her popular singles, Houston performed this song at a number of prominent shows and events, including the maiden edition of the Soul Train Music Awards.

Despite its popularity, the song received some negative publicity. It lyrics were criticized for the fear that it would have a bad influence on children. In her response, the singer strongly defended the lyrics.

Nonetheless, some music enthusiasts described the song one of the classiest singles to be released in the 1980s.

And accordingly, over the years, some top musicians have recorded different versions of this song.

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