“Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson

In this track, the singer confesses to his woman about how difficult it has been for him to fully show his feelings to her through his actions though she has always been on his mind.

The first verse sees him apologize for not treating her as special as she would have loved. He reflects on how he could have done better in his display of love and affection towards his lady and regrets that because of his personal struggle, she did not think she was his uttermost priority. He goes on to mention how he didn’t do the little romantic things and express his gratitude for having her in his life in the second verse.

The singer in the bridge of the song requests for another chance to prove his love to this lady while hoping that she hasn’t given up on their love because of his past inactions. Throughout the song he reminds his partner that her thoughts have always occupied his mind, implying that his inactions did not mean he didn’t love her.

Facts about “Always on My Mind”

This Willie Nelson classic came out on February 11, 1982 off his 1982 album also named Always on My Mind.

This classic was penned by Mark James, Wayne Carson, Johnny Christopher and produced by Chips Moman.

Carson is said to have penned two verses of this track on his kitchen table in Missouri within ten minutes, and later completed it in 1971 with Christopher and James during a studio session.

In 1982, the song became the first country song to be named Single of the Year by the Country Music Association.

Elvis Presley in 1972 recorded his version after his separation from wife Priscilla. It became widely successful selling more than a million copies and later being voted as Elvis’ number-one recorded song in 2013.

This classic earned Nelson the “Song of the Year” award at the 1983 Grammys. It defeated the following songs to grab this very remarkable award:

  • Paul McCartney’s “Ebony and Ivory”
  • Toto’s “Rosanna
  • Donald Fagen’s “I.G.Y.”
  • Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger

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