“Like I Love Country Music” by Kane Brown 

“Like I Love Country Music” is a love song that compares the love the narrator has for a significant other to his endless love for country music.

She has him hooked on like a drug, much like how the country music he grew up with made him feel.

"Like I Love Country Music" Lyrics

Accordingly, the narrator heavily uses a ton of entities from the country music world to assist him in expressing his love to the addressee.

Without further ado, let’s look at the famous country music elements that Brown references in “I Love Country Music”.

Alan Jackson

The first being Alan Jackson’s “Chattachoochee” that was released in on 17th May 1993. The title of this song rhymes perfectly with the phrase “hoochie-coochie” found in the lyrics of “Like I Love Country Music”. It should be noted that “Chattachoochee” is about growing up along the river and falling in love with it. Perhaps, it could symbolize how Brown is growing older with his partner and loving her as days go by.

Willie Nelson and George Jones

Another famous name drop is Willie Nelson, an American musician, actor, and activist. It is known that Willie enjoyed smoking weed a lot. And it is common knowledge that weed makes one reach a very high level of relaxation and bliss. This relates well to Brown telling his love interest that she makes him “high as Willie”.

Iconic country singer George Jones is also referenced in “Like I Love Country Music”. In addition to his illustrious music career, Jones was also known to be a heavy alcohol and stimulant abuser. This is apparently what Brown is referencing with the phrase “gone as Jones“. In the slang parlance, being “gone” basically means losing your mind on drugs. All in all, Brown is simply telling his significant other that her love has the power to intoxicate him.

Johnny Cash and June Carter

Next is Johnny Cash and wife, June Carter. They had been married for 35 years until the demise of June in May 2003. Throughout Cash’s rehabilitation treatment, June stayed and helped him. In reference to this relationship, Brown shows that he and his partner can stick together through the good and the bad.

Brooks & Dunn

Lastly we have Brown saying that his partner makes him feel like a “brand new man“. Now, this line is clearly a reference to the country duo, Brooks & Dunn’s highly successful debut album of 1991 titled “Brand New Man”.


This is a love song sung by a man who lives and breathes country music and all things country music. In the process of letting that special someone in his life know how much she means to him, our narrator lets her know that the love he has for her is akin to the love he has for country music. This is a powerful statement of love considering it is coming from a man who’s got country music running through his veins! In this song, he is able to creatively use country music references to paint a beautiful portrait of the deep love he has for his partner.

Like I Love Country Music

Release Date

This track was released on 6th May 2022 by RCA Nashville and Zone 4.

Prior to its release, Brown posted a cute father-daughter video on his Instagram featuring a snippet of the song. Both were dressed in matching cowboy hats as they danced together.

On 1st May, Brown posted a link on Twitter to pre-save the new track. He was donned in an all-cowboy outfit with leather jacket and cowboy hat, something that’s very different to his usual streetstyle.


The writing of “Like I Love Country Music” is credited to three renowned songwriters. They are:

  • Jordan Schmidt. Jordan has worked alongside names such as HARDY, Mitchell Tenpenny and Blake Shelton.
  • Taylor Phillips. Besides having written songs for Brown, Phillips has collaborated with Luke Bryan, Upchurch, and Jason Aldean among many others.
  • Matt McGinn. Coldplay, Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton are just some of the names McGinn has worked with.

It’s worth mentioning that Kane Brown isn’t officially credited as a writer. This is because he played no role in the song’s writing process.

Brooks & Dunn

Interesting to note is that the Country duo (Brooks & Dunn) referenced in “Like I Love Country Music” also contribute vocals to the song. The duo is however not officially credited as featured artists on the song.

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