“America” by Sufjan Stevens

This song is entitled “America”, which as we know is the most-popular country in the world. But the lyrics actually read as if they are more religious/spiritual as opposed to political. However, Sufjan himself classified this tune as being a “protest song” which is specifically addressing “the sickness of American culture”. So with all of that being noted, there is a lot which can be taken away from this track. But if nothing else, what we can definitively conclude based on the overall sentiment being expressed is that the singer is not impressed with the state of the titular country.

Summary: Overall, the narrator is concerned that he will suffer an unfavorable fate similar to that of “America”.

Sufjan Stevens both produced and wrote “America”. And its original penning actually dates back to 2014.

The record label behind this track is called Asthmatic Kitty. And “America” was released on 3 July 2020, with Sufjan Stevens first announcing the track on 30 June 2020. And concurrently he also revealed the name of the album it will be featured on, which is called “The Ascension”.

Interestingly, the song was released barely 24 hours before July 4th (which is America’s Independence Day).

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