“Angel” by Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode’s “Angel” is based on a very-profound, uplifting religious experience the singer is going through. It is centered on “the angel of love” coming to visit him in a spiritual sense. For instance, it references the phenomenon known as glossolalia (‘speaking in tongues’). The song itself is said to be derived from Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore’s personal memories of attending church. However, Gore himself has called it primarily a love song. As such the angel mentioned in this track can perhaps also serve as an analogy for a lover. But overall the terminology used throughout the song is definitely religious-based. And ultimately being in the presence of this entity fills the singer with an unparalleled feeling of peace and serenity.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Depeche Mode's Angel at Lyrics.org.

This song was written by Depeche Mode’s usual songwriter, that being Martin L. Gore.  And the track was produced by one Ben Hillier.

This is the second song on the playlist of Depeche Mode’s 13th standard album, “Delta Machine”. That project came out on 22 March 2013. Both song and project are products of Mute Records in conjunction with Columbia Records.


The sentiments expressed in this song are founded in Gore’s recollections as a church-goer. It also highlight the numerous spiritual experiences he witnessed.

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