“Ghosts Again” by Depeche Mode

It has been noted that “Ghosts Again” – and the entire project that it is featured on – was influenced by the recent passing of Andy Fletcher, who had been down with Depeche Mode since its inception and remained so for over 40 years. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Depeche Mode's Ghosts Again at Lyrics.org.

The remaining members of this act, Dave Gahan and Martin Gore, are themselves approaching senior citizen status. And that fact has also likely influenced the nature of “Ghosts Again” as well as, to reiterate, that of “Memento Mori” as a whole.

What we are met with lyrically is very abstract. But based on the title and wording of the choruses especially, it is ascertainable that this song is speaking to a notion like the afterlife. In other words, Gahan putting forth that “we’ll be ghosts again” is another way of saying that just as we all came from the spiritual world, if you will, likewise we will return there after exiting this mortal plane. 

Along those lines, there are various symbols present in this piece which point to the concept of death as well as, it can be said, spirituality as a whole.

However Ghana, in his own words, has also pointed out that this track “captures (the) perfect balance of melancholy and joy”. So we will take that to mean that “Ghosts Again” is not to be interpreted as a dirge or song of bereavement. Rather, it reads more along the lines of the vocalist ruminating on the concept of death being inevitable.

“Heaven’s dreaming
Thoughtless thoughts, my friends
We know we’ll be ghosts again”

When was “Ghosts Again” released?

Depeche Mode officially released it as the first single from their fifteenth studio album titled “Memento Mori” on 9th February, 2023.


Martin Gore co-wrote “Ghosts Again” with English singer Richard Butler (who is best known for being the frontman of the Psychedelic Furs).

The production credits for “Ghost Again” are as follows:

  • James Ford (single handedly produced the Depeche Mode’s “Spirit” album of 2017)
  • Marta Salogni

This marks the first time Marta and James worked together. It also marked Depeche Mode’s first collaboration with Marta.

Ghosts Again

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