“I Feel Loved” by Depeche Mode

The narrative of Depeche Mode’s “I Feel Loved” is premised on the vocalist suffering from depression or some type of pervasive feeling of dread. It reads as if this is of the emotional variety though, considering some of the wording in the first verse, may also be a physical sickness. 

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However, it is most likely a feeling, i.e. he being extremely melancholy for some unspecified reason. Yet despite such a disposition highlighting the verses of this song, as repeatedly revealed in the chorus he still “feel(s) loved”. 

And as with what’s causing the depression, the source of this love is never identified. But it is one that the singer is able to celebrate as holding him down during his darkest hour.

Lyrics for "I Feel Loved"

When was “I Feel Loved” officially released?

Depeche Mode, on July 30th of 2001, released it one of the singles from their “Exciter” album.

Writing and Production

The song was written by Martin Gore, a founding member of the group. A music producer who goes by the name of Mark Bell produced the entire song.

Genre(s) of “I Feel Loved”

“I Feel Loved” can be placed into any of the below music genres:

  • Industrial techno
  • Synthpop
  • Alternative dance

Nominations at the Grammys

“I Feel Loved” was so successful that it received multiple Grammy nominations, including one for the “Best Dance Recording”. It was however, unable to grab the said award thanks to to a song by Janet Jackson titled “All for You”. It competed in the said category with the following songs:

Chart Performance

This was such a successful song for Depeche Mode in many places, including America and Britain.

  • US Dance(1)
  • UK Indie (1)
  • Spain (4)
  • Italy (5)
  • Ireland (9)
  • Germany (9)
  • Denmark (6)
  • Canada (8)
  • Belgium (7)
I Feel Loved

The “Exciter” Album

The two-time Grammy-nominated song I feel loved is a synthpop and electronic song by the English band Depeche Mode, released as part of their tenth studio album, Exciter. Mute Records released the album in the United Kingdom on May 14, 2001. British record producer Mark Bell the entire album. Martin L. Gore wrote all the 13 songs on the album.

Exciter was so successful that within its first week of its release in the United States, it was reported to have sold more than 100,000 copies. Furthermore, it ended up selling over 3 million copies globally. 

The album topped and ranked among the top 30 positions on the weekly album charts of numerous countries and peaked at the eighth position on the Billboard 200 chart.

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