“At Least I Look Cool” by Sasha Sloan

Sasha Sloan stated that the song “At Least I Look Cool” is “dedicated to social anxiety and being broke AF”. Or a different way of looking at it is as being centered on a young lady who is compelled to convince the world she’s chillin’, even though internally she is not.

Throughout the song, the singer (Sasha) presents herself as being in a position many of us can relate to. She is so economically-challenged that common tasks such as paying the rent is a struggle. Particularly in the case of this song, a simple thing like enjoying a night out in the town can have a devastating effect on her finances. But she is not going out like that. Instead she is determined to attend “this thing”, as in a swanky house party, that she got invited to. 

And whereas the back of her mind may be preoccupied with her aforementioned monetary predicament, “at least” she can take solace in the fact that she “look(s) cool”, even if only for the ‘Gram. She derives great pleasure from posting “fire” pics on the internet, as in those which will generate a lot of views. And on a wider scale it can also be interpreted that she just likes look(ing) cool” in general. So all things considered, this song is based on the age-old topic of fronting, though specifically catered to the social-media age.

Lyrics of "At Least I Look Cool"

And yes, we can see that the character Sasha portrays in this lighthearted tune has social-anxiety issues. In other words, she feels a pressing need to “look cool”. And she is determined to achieve this goal. She’ll get this even if it is a false representation of the economic reality of her life.

Release Date of “At Least I Look Cool”

RCA Records released this track as a non-album single on 19 July 2019. This marked the third of such songs Sasha Sloan has put out in the year in question.

Song’s Writers

Sasha Sloan wrote this track alongside King Henry, who also produced it.

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