Meaning of Inspiration by Future

“Inspiration” by Future touches upon several central themes:

Challenging Upbringing & Resilience:

The song delves into the artist’s journey from a challenging past, emphasizing his resilience and determination. Lyrics like “Mama don’t give up on me” and “I went through what I had to go through” indicate a struggle and a plea for understanding.

Desire for Authenticity:

The reference to a “perfect love story” being just for the cameras hints at a societal obsession with appearances and a longing for genuine connection and authenticity.

Seeking Purpose & Direction:

Throughout the song, there’s a recurrent call for inspiration, indicating a quest for meaning, purpose, and motivation. This suggests periods of doubt and the need for external stimuli to reignite one’s passion.

Recognizing the Value of Roots & Culture:

The artist’s mention of “doing it for the culture” and showing where he came from signifies an acknowledgment of his roots. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and valuing one’s origins and cultural background.

Reflection on Choices:

The mention of going in the wrong direction and doing what one wants shows a reflection on past choices, indicating a sense of regret or acknowledging the repercussions of past actions.

In simple terms, “Inspiration” delves into Future’s journey from a tough past, his search for genuine connection, a desire for purpose, and an acknowledgment of his roots, while reflecting on the choices he’s made.

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