Meaning of War Machine by Dance Gavin Dance

“War Machine” by Dance Gavin Dance touches upon several themes expressed through its poetic and sometimes chaotic lyrics:

Internal Conflict & Vulnerability:

The song mentions the struggles of presenting oneself authentically versus wearing a facade (“I can fake being vulnerable”). This theme also touches upon the conflict between being truly authentic and the allure of putting on a front for the world.

Coping with Trauma & Personal Growth:

The chorus repeatedly refers to not wanting to sing about tragedies, indicating a desire to move past pain. However, trauma poses challenges, hindering growth and change. The lyric “I’ve been greedy for guidance” suggests a desperate need for help and direction.

Societal Judgement:

The lyrics discuss the pressures of external judgments and the individual’s defiance against them (“Your judgment means nothing to me”). It conveys the message that outside opinions hold no weight for the individual who’s trying to find their own path.

Violence & Aggression:

There are references to investing in a “war machine” and collecting weapons, indicating themes of violence and power. This could symbolize internal battles or external societal conflicts.

Search for Purpose & Self-Identity:

The section discussing climbing stairs for no reason and questioning “Who the f–k are you?” shows a quest for meaning, purpose, and identity. It touches on the idea of questioning oneself and the journey of self-discovery.

Resilience & Redemption:

The end of the song alludes to coming back from hardships and striving to create something meaningful despite past setbacks (“coming back to try and build a masterpiece”).

Overall, “War Machine” delves deep into the complexities of personal struggles, societal expectations, and the quest for authenticity and growth amidst challenges.

When was “War Machine” released?

24th October, 2023 saw the release of “War Machine”.

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