“Baby Jane” by Rod Stewart

This is a breakup song, with Baby Jane being the name of the singer’s romantic interest, who is also the addressee. And the way the situation reads is that she more or less dumped him or at least has moved into a ‘higher’ social class which he cannot follow. Or stated differently, it appears that she has attractive options to move on without him and has decided to do so. And the singer is heartbroken, even offended, as a result. But instead of asking her back or anything like that, he is rather taking it as a lesson learned.  Indeed through such aforementioned actions on behalf of Baby Jane, he has come to realize that she has unfavorable characteristics which he was not aware of when their relationship began. 

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So in a way, he is actually glad that their romance has ended. And he is also optimistic that the next time he falls in love, it will be with his true soulmate. And this confidence is perhaps once again due to the fact that now, via his mistreatment at the hands of Baby Jane, he is wiser in terms of what to look out for in a partner.

During his heyday, Rod Stewart, who began making music back in the early 1960s, was able to top the UK Singles Chart six times. And “Baby Jane”, which came out on 27 May 1983, was the last of his songs to do so.

This track is a product of Warner Bros. Records. In addition to reaching number one in the UK it also did so in six other countries, including Canada. And overall it charted in nearly 20 nations around the world.

“Baby Jane” is featured on a 1983 Rod Stewart album entitled “Body Wishes”, also serving as the project’s lead single. Rod wrote it himself along with Jay Davis. And the producer of the song is Tom Dowd.

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