“All for Love” by Bryan Adams (ft. Sting and Rod Stewart)

As noted in the trivia section, “All for Love” originally served as a theme song, if you will, for 1993’s “The Three Musketeers” movie. The Three Musketeers are a fictional group of adventurers who are known to use the phrase “all for one and one for all” as their motto, i.e. an expression of their camaraderie. And the song itself was inspired by that association.

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However, Bryan Adams and the boys are not singing about brotherhood. Rather their interpretation of the phrase reads “all for one and all for love”. And who they are singing to are their significant others. And basically, the way the lyrics read are as if they are telling these ladies that so long as they give their love, they can expect the undying commitment and protection of their men in return.

“All for Love” Facts

“All for Love” is a track Bryan originally dropped alongside fellow music superstars Rod Stewart and Sting. And fittingly, it was part of the original motion picture soundtrack to “The Three Musketeers”. A&M Records and Hollywood Records released the song as part of said soundtrack in November of 1993.

Bryan co-wrote this song along with his traditional collaborator, Robert John Lange. And they were assisted in that regard by Michael Kamen.

And as is his standard, Bryan Adams also co-produced the track.  In that regard, Bryan worked alongside David Nicholas and Chris Thomas. It should be noted that neither Sting nor Stewart participated in the composing of this song.

With so much star power behind it, “All for Love” was destined to be a hit. And accordingly it scored a number 1 in almost 15 different nations, including on the Billboard Hot 100. And as far as the UK Singles chart is concerned, it peaked at number two.

Famous Live Performance

One interesting note concerning the history of this song is that in 1994 Bryan gave a live performance of it accompanied by Italian soul singer Giorgia. The pair performed it alongside iconic opera singers Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007),  Andrea Bocelli and Nancy Gustafson. And on that particular occasion, co-writer Michael Kamen handled the conducting of the orchestra.


Did “All for One” win a Grammy?

No. And this was despite the song being one of the biggest songs of the 1990s.

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