“Bang Bang” by Jessie J (ft. Nicki Minaj & Ariana Grande)

On “Bang Bang”, we see three iconic female singers (Nicki, Ariana and Jessie) vividly show off their sensual prowess. The women call the shots, while proving to the guy that they can utterly blow his mind as against other women.

Jessie J begins the song by stating that though she may not have an hourglass figure or a huge behind, she is more sensually charged than such girls. Both singers, Ariana and Jessie take the position of dominance as they tell their lover that they will let him have it and take him there.

The word “bang” is mostly associated with the sound of a gun, however it is also a slang for intimate encounter. Considering the multiple sensual suggestions in the song, it is unlikely they are referring to gunshots, but mainly to bedroom fun!

Nicki Minaj’s rap gets more explicit as she breaks down all the acts that go on in the bedroom, while stressing on the fact that she is aware that she is the more dominant partner in the relationship. The main message of her verse is that she can make her man feel really good in bed and he might not even stand a chance at how skilled she is.

Lyrics of "Bang Bang"

Music Video of “Bang Bang”

The tune’s corresponding visual was shot in Los Angeles. The clip was directed in its entirety by famed music video director, Hannah Lux Davis.

In 2015, this clip was selected for the MTV Video award, under the category of Best Collaboration. However, it lost the award to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”.

Writing and Production of “Bang Bang”

This powerhouse R&B anthem was composed by the combined efforts from Savan Kotecha, Nicki Minaj, Max Martin, and Rickard Göransson. The the latter two linked up with Swedish music producer ILYA to produce the song.

Release Date

“Bang Bang” was made available on the 29th of July 2014, via Lava and Republic records. It was released as the first single from English vocalist, Jessie J’s 2014 album which is titled Sweet Talker.

This track was also included on the re-released version of Ariana’s 2nd studio album, My Everything.

First time the artists are working together

This tune marked the first official collaboration between the trio of Jessie, Minaj, and Grande.

Grammy Nomination

This song was shortlisted for the award of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2015 edition of the Grammy Awards. However, it was beaten by Christina Aguilera’s hit song “Say Something”.

Performance on the Charts

It topped the UK charts and peaked at #3 in both the U.S. It achieved this same feat in Canada. Elsewhere, the single ranked within the top ten in countries like Australia, The Netherlands, and Denmark.

Appearance in Films, TV Series and Commercials

The single appeared on the soundtrack of the 2015 American musical teen comedy film, Pitch Perfect 2. It was also used on several other TV series, including the British comedy series, Drifters. It featured on the American crime Television drama series, Stalker.

In 2018, this song featured in a commercial that was used in promoting the Cadillac XT4 vehicle.

Interpolations and Covers

The 2014 song “Cell Black Django” by American singer Todrick Hall interpolates bits of “Bang Bang” in it. 

In 2016, The Skivvies also interpolated the tune in their song “(You Shook Me) All Night Long”.

A cover version of this single was released in 2014 by Irish pop band, Keywest.

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