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One Last Time

Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” Lyrics Meaning

In Ariana Grande’s “One More Time”, the narrator (Ariana) plays the role of someone in a broken romance, and admittedly it is ‘her fault’. In other words, she lied to her ex. How exactly she...

Bust Down Barbiana

Meaning of “Bust Down Barbiana” by Nicki Minaj

 “Bust Down Barbiana” is an unofficial remix of Blueface’s 2018 hit “Thotiana”. In Blueface’s track, Thotiana is a woman he is in a commercially-intimate relationship with. But in Nicki’s version, Barbiana is indeed herself.  And as can be...

Ariana Grande

“Needy” by Ariana Grande

“Needy” is a song that focuses on Ariana’s own personal insecurities. In other words, she forthrightly expresses a need for emotional support. For instance, Grande begins the song by detailing how dependent she is on what appears...