BANKS’ “Contaminated” Lyrics Meaning

In singer BANKS’ own words, the first major theme of her song “Contaminated” “is about being addicted to a toxic relationship”. When you strip that statement down to its basic element, it is another way of saying that this is a love song. Or put differently, she uses the word “contaminated” in reference to how she and the addressee of this track (her lover) feel about each other. And what she is saying is that their “love is tainted”, and accordingly they need to let each other go. They both seem to realize that the relationship is indeed toxic but refuse to part ways, which in reality is a show of love.

The second major theme is “the more you give [to a toxic relationship], the less you become yourself”. Under this belief system, it apparently becomes more-imperative that the romance does end. Indeed throughout the first part of the song, the singer seems to be expressing an overall feeling of disappointment. Her partner seems to have not lived up to the promises he made earlier in the relationship, especially in terms of loving her properly. Yes she does enjoy the intimate moments, which seems to be one of the key components of her ‘addiction’. But overall she has concluded, as mentioned earlier, that their union needs to come on an end. And she is trying to muster up the wherewithal to do so in addition to encouraging her lover to do likewise.

The way she uses the title of the song in the chorus is by stating that she and her lover are “always going to be contaminated”. Within the overall context of the song there are two ways to look at this. One is that Banks is acknowledging that their “love is tainted”, as in the discontent which has come to take precedence in their union will always be there. But the other is that this love, despite being “tainted”, will always exist.

"Contaminated" lyrics

Release Date of “Contaminated”

Harvest Records released “Contaminated” as the third single from BANKS’ album III on 10 July 2019. FYI, III is Banks’ third studio album. It officially came out two days after “Contaminated” was released.

The song “Look What You’re Doing to Me” also appears on III as its second single.

BANKS co-wrote this song

The song was written by BANKS along with two other songwriters, including Kevin Garrett. The other is a songwriter named The Wiild.

And the track was produced by American record producer BJ Burton. Burton gained fame for working with the likes of Bon Iver and Eminem. FYI, he co-wrote Eminem’s 2018 track “Fall”.

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