“Look What You’re Doing To Me” by Banks (ft. Francis & The Lights)

To begin with, Banks’ “Look What You’re Doing to Me” is a love song. And in this track, the narrator, Banks, is going through the full range of emotions which come with being smitten by someone. Or according to her own words, in this track, she is “vibrant, scared, on fire, excited and all the goodness in between”.

Lyrically, Francis & The Lights play more of an adlibbing role as the other participant in this romance. And basically what he is saying is that the same strong, hypnotic love that Banks has for him is the same way he feels about her.  Indeed the title basically refers to how powerless the singer is in relation to controlling her feelings for her significant other.

Lyrics of "Look What You're Doing to Me"

Facts about “Look What You’re Doing to Me”

“Look What You’re Doing to Me” is the single second from Banks’ third album, amply entitled III, which came out as her first new music after a two-year hiatus.

In addition to providing vocals to the song, Francis & the Lights also co-produced it with regular collaborator B.J. Burton. They also co-wrote it with B.J. as well as The Wiild and Banks.

Harvest Records released “Look What You’re Doing to Me” on 11 June 2019.  On this date it premiered on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Annie Mac’s Hottest Records’.

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