“Be Tender with Me Baby” by Tina Turner

On “Be Tender with Me Baby”, Tina Turner is taking an apologetic approach towards the addressee. Said addressee would be her significant other. And the reason she is humbling herself is because he is apparently on the verge of leaving her. More to point, his decision to bounce is based on some type of shortcoming in her personality. So basically, the title of the track alludes to the idea of her asking him to continue to be patient. Or stated differently, she is very much afraid of him actually departing.

The music video to this track, featuring a Tina Turner performance at England’s Woburn Abbey, was directed by Nicholas Frye.

“Be Tender with Me Baby” was written by Holly Knight and Albert Hammond. And the producer of the song was Dan Hartman.

This track was released by Capitol Records on October 22nd, 1991. And it served as the sixth single from Tina’s 1989 album “Foreign Affair”. Her famous hits “The Best” and “Steamy Windows” were also singles from the aforementioned album.

“Be Tender with Me Baby” made it onto the top 30 of the UK Singles Chart. And it also charted in a handful of other nations.

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