“Bed of Lies” by Nicki Minaj (ft. Skylar Grey)

Nicki Minaj’s “Bed of Lies” tells the story of a lover who repeatedly lied to the singer throughout their relationship. She realizes later that her lover tricked her, tells him his mistakes and makes him aware that he has to live with the consequences.

The song is purported to be about Safaree Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of Nicki who she admits was with him from the beginning of her career, but tried to use her for his own advantage when she reached superstar status. Nicki reveals that while she was working hard and putting so much effort in keeping them together, he was killing their relationship.

She blames herself for not seeing the signs of him cheating and lying earlier. Her assumption that she was irreplaceable to him cost her a lot and now that she realizes this, she won’t entertain any more of his lies. Nicki keeps wondering if he actually loved her or was only in to use her. This is why she keeps questioning if he thought of her when he was telling her all those lies.

Lyrics of "Bed of Lies"


  • “Bed of Lies” was co-written by Nicki Minaj and Skylar Grey. The duo was assisted by a host of other co-writers, which includes the song’s producers, Kean Beatz and JMIKE, and also co-producers, Breyan Isaac and TODAY. British record producer, Alex da Kid was also involved in co-writing and co-producing this song.
  • An official release of this song occurred on the 16th of November 2014. However, Minaj had previously premiered the track on the 9th of November, at the MTV European Music Awards in 2014.
  • The tune was released as a single and it appears on the singer’s third album, titled, The Pinkprint. The track is the fifteenth song on the album’s list of songs.
  • Minaj had collaborated with several musicians in the past. However, “Bed of Lies” represents the first-ever collaborative song that she has performed with singer/songwriter, Skylar Grey.
  • The song proved to be one of Minaj’s moderately performing tracks. It peaked at #62 and #73 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and on the UK Singles chart, respectively. However, it proved quite successful in other countries, like Australia where it ranked at #7.

2 Responses

  1. Kushaba markus says:

    Sorry nicki relationships are ever like that but just move on.

  2. Leo says:

    Hey Nicki, sorry for what happened to you. Also,thank you for speaking it out using hip-hop. At least you’re better now. Respect. That’s why you are the queen of rap and drill.

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