“Leaving Heaven” by Eminem (ft. Skylar Grey)

“Leaving Heaven” is a song in which Eminem lets it all hang out. Indeed its title is based on the idea of him forsaking all decency in the name of striking back at his enemies. 

In the first verse said opposition reads as if it is someone whom he may have a physical confrontation with. And once again he is “leaving heaven” so that he can be totally ruthless while dealing with this adversary. 

The second verse harps back to Marshal’s days of being bullied as a child. He also alludes to the fact that he’s recently been accused of racism. And basically what he is saying is that in both cases he’s been treated unfairly. So once again, he’s adopting an “evil” persona for the sake of getting back at the people who treated him so. 

Eminem Addresses Late Father

Meanwhile the last verse is dedicated to Eminem’s deceased dad. Slim Shady’s disdain for his father has been well documented in some of his past songs. And in this particular case, “leaving heaven” serves as a metaphor for the rapper “asking for a pass to go to hell” just for the specific purpose of ‘whipping his [father’s] [expletive] behind’. 

So perhaps the best way of describing this song is as it being representative of Eminem embracing his dark side. But he is doing so specifically to accomplish the goal of exacting revenge against the people who have greatly offended him.

Lyrics of "Leaving Heaven"

Facts about “Leaving Heaven”

This isn’t Eminem’s first time working with Skylar Grey. Gray has been featured on a number of songs alongside Eminem, dating back to 2011’s “I Need a Doctor” by Dr. Dre.

“Leaving Heaven” came out through a number of labels (including Shady Records) on 17 January 2020. It is an integral part of Eminem’s “Music to Be Murdered By” album.

Eminem and Skylar wrote and produced “Leaving Heaven”. And in terms of its writing, they were buttressed by William E. Taylor.

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