“Trollz” by 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj

Simply put, “Trollz” is braggadocious in nature. And what the artists are most proud of, according to the lyrics, is their wealth and bedroom adventurism. So for instance, 6ix9ine’s verse starts off with him mocking his haters. Then he gives us a glimpse into his lifestyle, which is highlighted by intoxicants, fast cars and loose women. Meanwhile Nicki Minaj lets it be known from her very-first utterance that she’s also about the “dollar bill”.  She also tributizes her sexuality, as in her ability to mesmerize men. Indeed she has the tendency to exploit guys herself. And like 6ix9ine, she also alludes to the idea that she has enemies who are angry about her success.

Meaning of “Trollz”

Meanwhile it is well known that the term troll, in modern usage, can be applied to such an individual – for instance a hater who attacks artists on social media. But in this particular case it would appear the titular “trollz” are actually Minaj and 6ix9ine themselves. This is made most evident by the single’s cover art. As such the title of this song likely points back to the traditional meaning of the word troll, i.e. some type of imaginary, offensive creature. 

The word itself is never mentioned in the song. But the general implication is that the artists, in a comical sort of way, are comparing themselves to these fictional entities. So perhaps the title is meant to be read more along the lines of the pair ‘trolling’ their enemies rather, as in throwing their success in these people’s faces.

Facts about “Trollz”

No. “Trollz” is 6ix9ine’s third collaboration with Minaj. In 2018, he teamed up with her on two tracks entitled “Fefe” and “Mama”, with the latter also featuring Kanye West.

With 6ix9ine being under house arrest at the time of the release of this song, the music video was actually filmed in his home.

“Trollz” is the second song which 6ix9ine has released since being released from prison in early-April 2020. The first was “Gooba“.

Minaj and 6ix9ine are credited as the song’s only writers. A music producer named Sad Pony handled the production of “Trollz”.

A controversial Collaboration

Nicki Minaj’s decision to collaborate with 6ix9ine was controversial, to say the least. And why? The thing is the latter had recently been labeled a snitch. A snitch can be defined as someone who testifies to law enforcement against his own co-defendants. And behaving in such a manner is highly frowned upon in the world of hip-hop. However, Minaj defended her decision to make this move by presenting a multi-tiered argument. And below are her reasons:

Nicki Minaj’s reasons for collaborating with 6ix9ine

First is that all rappers tend to deal “with people with sketchy pasts”, i.e. criminals if you will. 

Secondly, she basically called other rappers who have criticized the embattled 6ix9ine hypocrites. And she did so by pointing out (as 6ix9ine himself has) that if a powerful music executive who also has a history of snitching decided to sign a rapper, these selfsame individuals criticizing Tekashi would gladly take the deal. 

But at the heart of her argument is a borderline diss against rappers themselves. And that is Minaj pointing out there there’s a difference between a rapper and a “street n***a”. To her, the former are individuals who tend to talk about a thug life which they don’t actually live, whereas the latter are more authentic. So in her opinion, if a “street n***a”, such as her own husband, has an issue with 6ix9ine, then she can respect that. But as for she and Tekashi’s musical peers, she doesn’t really want any of them coming in her face and lambasting her decision to work with him.


Apparently there are a couple of veiled personal disses present in “Trollz”, particularly during Nicki Minaj’s verse.


At one point she utters “somebody usher this n***a into a clinic”. And judging by the next line and indeed overall context of the verse, on the surface it would appear she is referring to her style being too much for some people to handle. However, it has been noted that she has in fact gotten into some type of beef with R&B singer Usher in the past. And just to note, this is the same Usher who had settled a number of lawsuits filed by individuals claiming that he exposed them to a certain kind of disease. So looked at from another angle, that same line can be interpreted as a diss against Usher and his health status.

LisaRaye McCoy

Also at the beginning of the verse she drops the lines, “Dollar Bill, come and get her”.  Now we have already explained that such serves as a self-tribute to Minaj’s cashflow.  But it has also been noted that she has beef with an actress by the name of LisaRaye McCoy, and the above line is apparently a reference to a movie LisaRaye starred in called “The Player’s Club” (1998). 

And their feud reportedly stems from LisaRaye agreeing with Usher concerning Nicki.  And what did Usher say in the first place? He seemingly accused Minaj of being a clone of popular 1990s’ trendsetting-female rapper Lil Kim. So when LisaRaye expressed a similar sentiment, it was on. And even Nicki Minaj’s most-loyal fans, collectively referred to as the Barbz, have taken to attacking the actress. And the lines that follow the above statement – with Nicki claiming that she can take this lady’s man and accusing someone of stalking and wanting to fight her – read as if they are related to this diss also.  Or at least that’s how the whole scenario is being interpreted.

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