“Being With You” by Smokey Robinson

In “Being With You”, Smokey Robinson is clearly not moved by what others think about his love interest as he repeatedly states that he doesn’t care. His state of carelessness is obviously a concern for the people around him yet he refuses to admit that his love interest does not care enough to stay with him.

The narrator, in the first verses of the song, emphasizes on the fact that he is not bothered about people’s reactions to his relationship or his lover. In fact, all he is concerned about is being with this person. Unfortunately, this person appears not to be on the same page as the singer since he is begging her not to leave. Robinson goes on to explain how some of his friends and family had warned him about this particular girl noted for breaking people’s hearts.

Although he is aware of the shaky state of their affair, he convinces himself that his partner has changed. At the same time, he questions if he is just deceiving himself into thinking the relationship could work because he is deeply in love. In the end, he chooses to relentlessly pursue his love interest, forsaking all other opinions since she makes him feel a special kind of affection.

“Being With You” Facts

  • Primary Artist: Smokey Robinson
  • Writing: Handled solely by Smokey Robinson
  • Year of Release: 1981
  • Album: Smokey’s “Being With You” album


A certified R&B and soul track.

Chart Performance:

  • United States’ Hot 100: 2
  • United Kingdom: 1

On the latter territory’s singles chart, this song occupied position 1 for 2 weeks. It was subsequently removed from the top spot by none other than Michael Jackson. And Jackson did it with his hit single “One Day In Your Life“.


Below are some artist that have covered this Smokey Robinson hit:

  • John Holt (1982)
  • Steve Wingfield (2004)

Was “Being With You” released as a single?

Surely. The song was released from the singer’s album which bears the same name as the song.

Other singles from “Being With You”

  • “Food For Thought”
  • “Who’s Sad”

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