“Make It Better” by Anderson .Paak (Ft. Smokey Robinson)

The premise of “Make It Better” is that Anderson .Paak (supported by Smokey Robinson) is singing from the perspective of an individual in a troubled relationship. This is especially upsetting because, as he points out in the first verse, this romance was formerly highlighted by genuine affection, good times and spontaneous yet meaningful intimate moments. But now things have reached a point where it appears it is “easier to walk away” then to try to perpetuate the relationship. Thus the question that dominates the song is if his significant other wants to put effort into ‘making it better’. In other words, .Paak and co. don’t want the love to end. Owing to this, he offers options as to how to make it last.

Indeed at the beginning of the second verse, he acknowledges that fond memories alone are not going to keep the love alive. So he is suggesting some unconventional initiatives to keep the relationship strong. For instance, instead of meeting at the house, the couple can spend time together in an unfamiliar setting, such as a hotel. He is also down to experiment with new techniques to spark intimate excitement. Most certainly some uninhibited, free-spirited intimate adventure is high on the agenda of getting this love affair back on track.

Make It Better lyrics

Ultimately Anderson .Paak understands that this relationship is not in a good place, indeed even on the verge of collapse. However, he also firmly believes that through cooperation with his partner and adventurousness, the situation can be rectified.

Facts about “Make It Better”

  • The Alchemist, Fredwreck, and Anderson. Paak are responsible for the production of “Make It Better”.
  • This track was released from Anderson.Paak’s album entitled Ventura. The song was released on the 4th of April 2019.
  • The official music video for “Make It Better” was directed by Andy Hines.

Is this the first time Anderson .Paak is working with Smokey Robinson?

Yes. This tune marked the very first time .Paak and Robinson collaborated on the track.

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