“Bikini Bottom” by Ice Spice

There are already a number of hip-hop fans who reportedly are not impressed with Ice Spice’s lyrical skills and are making that opinion known to the public. This rapper is, as of the release of this track (“Bikini Bottom”), only 22 years old. She currently has a handful of singles under her belt. 

It also seems that she writes most of her own material, so logic would dictate that Ice is going to get better over time. But in some ways her come-up does serve as sort of a perfect example of how image has now become more important to the rap game than exceptional lyricism.

That is not to say that Ice Spice can’t rap. However, it is pretty obvious that she didn’t over exert herself when writing “Bikini Bottom”. Rather the song is terse. Furthermore, the lyrics are replete with run-of-the-mill female-rapper braggadocio. The lyrics primarily point to Spice’s wealth and her dominance over romantic interests.

These lyrics also point to her dominance over her female rivals and the fact that, as it currently stands, she’s one of the most-notable newjacks on the scene.

Also, all things considered it cannot be ignored that this rapper is quite curvaceous, which is an attribute in the music industry and especially when it comes to the rap genre. This is basically what the title of this song draws the listeners’ attention to. The rapper lets the world know that she is blessed with “a-s [is] on fat” and “waist on sleek”. Simply put, she has a big booty but small stomach.


So in closing yes, there are some pretty interesting parts of this song, such as when Ice implies that she’s bisexual, if such insinuations are even still considered headline-worthy these days. But in terms of those people criticizing her artistry, let’s just say that Spice doesn’t appear as if she’s interested in bringing anything new to the game besides her unique looks.

Lyrics to Ice Spice's "Bikini Bottom"

Release of “Bikini Bottom”

“Bikini Bottom” was actually put out through the popular music-based blog WorldStarHipHop. The official release date of “Bikini Bottom” is 28 October 2022. It is the first single that Ice Spice has dropped since her breakthrough hit, “Munch (Feelin’ U)“, came out earlier in the year. 

Credits for “Bikini Bottom”

This track was produced by RiotUSA. In addition to producing “Bikini Bottom”, RiotUSA also co-wrote the song with Ice Spice.

Bikini Bottom

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