“Brothers” by Bankrol Hayden (ft. Luh Kel)

As the title implies, “Brothers” is a song about brotherhood. More specifically, the singers (Bankrol Hayden and Luh Kel) are expressing love and appreciation for their “brothers”. And apparently what is spurring them to do so is mistreatment by and distrust of the women in their lives. In other words, they have had their hearts broken and as a result have developed a general wariness of women. And this distrust for women is what has propelled them to grow closer to their fellow brethren.

And while such a sentiment dominates the chorus and title of the song, who the artists actually address primarily are the same love interests who have hurt them. Or put differently, the majority of this song is dedicated to how Bankrol and Kel feel about their exes. In Bankrol’s case especially, he seems emotionally devastated. This may be due to the fact that he insinuates his girlfriend actually stabbed him in the back. And how did she do this? She got intimate with some of his homeys. Kel on the other hand is operating more along the lines of trying to salvage his relationship. That is to say his girlfriend looks like she has already decided to leave. So he is making a heartfelt attempt to convince her to stay. However, it appears it isn’t working.

So overall, the main theme of this song is heartbreak. The artists have been hurt by romantic interests.  And as a result of such experiences, Bankrol Hayden in particular concludes that he does not want to fall in love again. Instead he would rather grow closer to his “brothers”.

Lyrics of "Brothers"

Before this song, had Bankrol ever collaborated with Luh? 

No. This marked the first ever collaboration between Bankrol Hayden (California) and Luh Kel (St. Louis).

When was “Brothers” officially released?

Empire Distribution released “Brothers” on 11 July 2019.

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