Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor” Lyrics Meaning

The title of this song (“Versace on the Floor”) gives a shoutout to the renowned luxury-fashion brand Versace. But in terms of the focus of its lyrical content, it’s safe to say that it is actually a fun in the bedroom song. In other words, the title refers to the addressee, the singer’s romantic interest, being disrobed, i.e. taking off the “Versace” dress that she’s wearing and letting it hit the “floor”. 

And the intended purpose is for she and the singer to get it on. So the first and second verses are respectively dedicated to his infatuation with her and the process by which he romantically gets her, succinctly put, ready for intimacy. 

Then the bridge is more or less symbolic of actual intimate activity.  Meanwhile the chorus itself is indicative of the vocalist’s strong desire to get his lady undressed, as in being intimate with her.

Lyrics of "Versace on the Floor"

When did “Versace on the Floor” come out?

Atlantic Records released it on 4 November 2016. It was the third single issued from Bruno Mars’ album “24K Magic”. Actually that album was loaded with so many hits, it won Bruno multiple Grammy Awards. Some of the other notable hits from the aforementioned album include:

Later in 2016, Atlantic Records also released an official remix of “Versace on the Floor”. That version was produced by DJ David Guetta.

This track was a global hit

The track charted globally in over 20 countries, including breaking the top 10 in these regions:

  • Belgium
  • Bolivia
  • Israel
  • The Philippines

As far as perhaps the two most important markets, the UK and Bruno’s homeland of the US, the song also did pretty well there. It respectively peaked at number 59 and 33 on the UK Singles Chart and America’s Hot 100.

“Versace on the Floor” also went double-Platinum in Australia. Furthermore, it received a nomination for a Soul Train Music Award in 2017. 

Bruno Mars loves him some Versace!

Bruno is actually known to be a personal fan of the Versace brand. It’s therefore no wonder he uses it in this song!

Music Video

The music video to “Versace on the Floor” was directed by Cameron Duddy and Bruno Mars himself. It features Hollywood actress Zendaya who apparently plays Mars’ romantic interest.

Writing Credits for “Versace on the Floor”

The song was written by the following:

  •  James Fauntleroy
  • Brody Brown
  • Philip Lawrence
  • Bruno Mars

 Mars, Lawrence and Brown, collectively known as Shampoo Press & Curl, also produced the song.

“Versace on the Floor” banned in Indonesia

Due to its suggestive lyrics, “Versace on the Floor” was actually banned from being played by radio stations during daylight hours by authorities in Indonesia.

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  1. esme downey says:

    i came across this song when a friend of mine saw that zendaya coleman (star of the music video) had been on lip sync battle with spiderman star tom holland. its a great song!

  2. Dennis says:

    I liked the way it gives a ‘true story effect'(Reality) with a calm jazz rhythm at the same time.

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