Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ “Please Me” Lyrics Meaning

Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s “Please Me” has the sound of a classic 1990’s slow jam. This is made possible by the powerful vocals of Bruno Mars. And Cardi B makes a significant impact in her own right by airing some extremely raunchy, intimately-explicit lyrics.

In this song, Bruno Mars basically plays the role of someone who is in deep need for physical gratification, of which Cardi is the woman whom he has his eyes on to satisfy him. They either meet in a club or dance floor – some type of setting where B feels comfortable enough to be twerking. It is also the kind of place where she can challenge other females with the threat of losing their man if he appeals to Cardi.

And indeed she does have the looks and the moves. For instance, Bruno admits that begging for action isn’t his style. But he is so enamored with Cardi that he is willing to break his usual mode of operation. And according to Cardi’s lyrics, she possesses the sensual assets to actually pull off such a feat. This is basically all what the lyrics of “Please Me” are all about. Owing to this, we can therefore safely conclude that the song pays homage to sensual pleasure.

"Please Me" lyrics

Facts about “Please Me”

  • Writer(s): This song was written by J. White Did It, Philip Lawrence, DJ White Shadow, as well as the artists themselves, Bruno Mars and Cardi B.
  • Producer(s): The track was produced by the Stereotypes alongside Bruno Mars.
  • Release Date: “Please Me” was made public on 15 February 2019 – a day after Valentine’s Day.
  • Record Label(s): The labels behind “Please Me” are Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group and KSR.
  • 1st Interesting Stuff: This is officially the second time that Cardi and Mars worked together. They collaborated for the first time on the global hit single “Finesse”. They even performed that collaboration live at the 2018 Grammy Awards.
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: “Please Me” marked Cardi B’s return “from retirement” after she deleted her Instagram account a few days prior due to negative criticisms she received for taking home the coveted Grammy Award for Best Rap Album earlier in the month.
  • 3rd Interesting Stuff: “Please Me” holds the distinction of being Cardi and Bruno’s first offering for 2019.

Does “Please Me” contain any samples?

Yes, it does. This song samples Jodeci’s 1995 single titled “Freek’n You”.

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  1. Joycelynn Ridley says:

    Cardi B your music got too much cussing and I don’t like it at all

  2. Heh says:

    Its nice, you’re just outta touch

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey 2021 here lol

  4. Back talkin bi--h says:

    Um excuse me but I f–king love cardi b’s music it’s awesome so I dare you to challenge what I say

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