“BU2B” by Rush

The title of this song (“BU2B”) is an initialism of the phrase “brought up to believe”, which is found a number of times throughout the lyrics. Accordingly, what the wording is based on is the vocalist tersely explaining the existential notions that were instilled in him since youth. And even though this song doesn’t rely heavily on religious terminology, it does come off as your standard spiritual adherent, so to speak. 

For instance, the singer acknowledges that “the universe has a plan” that we humans are not privy to understanding. Also, his basic conception of the spiritual realm is along the lines of the righteous being recipients of heavenly reward, while “the devil will take the rest”.

A Disappointed Narrator

The above noted, there is also this sense of discernible sarcasm in what’s being put forth. And the origin of that sentiment is twofold. First is that, the vocalist is apparently able to perceive that mass complacency to the aforementioned ideas, here in the earthly realm, is primarily to the benefit of the powers that be. Secondly, Geddy Lee has explained that the lyrics represent the point in the vocalist’s life where he has ventured out on his own and realizes that the world is not like he was taught, in a manner of speaking.

Or viewed from an alternate angle, he now, based on his own personal experience, appears to have issues with the way he was educated, to always ‘believe in what he’s told’ and act accordingly. Or let’s say that up until this point in his life, the vocalist was under the impression that the system itself is a just one. But now he sees that such is not the case and that basically, people are losing their lives while ‘blindly’ adhering to the status quo. As such, his own sense of faith has also been shaken, with the conclusive sentiment implying that henceforth he will practice less-restrictive thinking.

Lyrics of Rush's "BU2B"
Geddy Lee explains the meaning of "BU2B"

When was “BU2B” released?

Roadrunner Records issued this track on 1 June 2010. It was one of two lead singles from Rush’s album “Clockwork Angels” (with the other being “Caravan”, which was recorded at the same time). To note, there is also another track titled “BU2B2” present on the LP’s playlist.


Rush is collectively credited with producing this track. Its individual members, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart (1952-2020), are acknowledged as its writers. And the other producer of “BU2B” is Nick Raskulinecz.

Amongst the instruments utilized in this track is a novelty idea called a theremin, as rendered by Geddy Lee (who was more notably the band’s lead vocalist).

Interesting to Note:

According to Rolling Stone, this song is the “clear standout” on “Clockwork Angels”, which proved to be the last studio album that Rush would put out.

“BU2B” and “Caravan” were also the first songs Rush wrote for “Clockwork Angels”.


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