“YYZ” by Rush

This is an instrumental song that the members of Rush created based on the Morse code interpretation of the letters “YYZ”. The title “YYZ” is the official airport code for a particular aerodrome, Toronto Pearson International Airport. And Rush themselves are inhabitants of Toronto, Canada.

As Toronto Pearson International’s IATA airport code the aerodrome itself perpetually transmits, in Morse code, the letters “YYZ”. Meanwhile Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson also happens to be an authorized aircraft pilot. And the band became privy to that code, which is used in this song, while Mr. Lifeson was actually flying them into the airport.

Grammy Nomination

This track received a Grammy nomination (Best Rock Instrumental) in 1982.

Popular Usage of “YYZ”

This song has been featured on popular music-based videogames in the “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” series. And Geddy Lee has attributed Rush attracting a pubescent fanbase some 30 years after the band’s prime as being the result of “YYZ” making an appearance on these games.

Release Date of “YYZ”

“YYZ” was released by Anthem Records on 12 February 1981 as part of the playlist of Rush’s eighth-studio album, “Moving Pictures”.

Writing Credits for “YYZ”

This classic instrumental was written by two members of Rush, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart. And the entire band produced the tune in conjunction with Terry Brown.

Neil Peart’s Iconic Drum Solos

The late Neil Peart’s extraordinary drum solos in the live versions of this track is without a doubt what transformed this classic into one of Rush’s greatest songs.

Did Rush release “YYZ” as a single?

No. Only three singles came out of the band’s “Moving Pictures” album. And they are:

  • “Vital Signs”
  • “Limelight”
  • Tom Sawyer

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