“Time Stand Still” by Rush

“Time Stand Still” is based on the ideology of living in the moment. This is specifically against the backdrop of simultaneously casting off the disappointments of the past. But there is more to the lyrics than those general ideas.

Neil Peart has stated that it was written specifically with Rush’s frantic 1970s in mind. During that decade the band was constantly on tour. And at a certain point they started feeling as if they were neglecting their loved ones.  So the context the lyrics were written in is that the singer has come to realize that he must take advantage of the opportunities to enjoy himself, particularly in regards to interacting with loved ones, when they arise.

So for instance when at the beginning he commits to ‘passing an evening with a drink and a friend’, it can be said he wants to make the most of this particular night since he isn’t sure when he’ll hook up with said friend again.  Or put metaphorically he wants to “freeze this moment” and savor it as much as he can. Moreover he seems to acknowledge an idea like as people age they become less interpersonal. So perhaps dealing with them tomorrow won’t be the same as dealing with them today. Additionally he does not want to harp on chances he missed in this past where he didn’t practice this philosophy and came to regret it.


So if nothing else what can be deemed from this track is that Rush learned a special lesson on the road. And that is when they have the chance to unwind with the people they love, they should take full advantage of those conveniences.

Lyrics of "Time Stand Still"

Facts about “Time Stand Still

Zbigniew Rybczyński served as the director of the music video to “Time Stand Still”.

This song features additional vocals from a singer named Aimee Mann, who also appeared alongside Rush in the music video.

“Time Stand Still” was written by Rush’s Neil Peart and his band mates Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee.

The trio also produced the song in conjunction with Peter Collins.

“Time Stand Still” charted in the UK, Canada and peaked at number three on Billboard’s US Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.

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