“Hunter’s Moon” by Ghost

The song “Hunter’s Moon” is derived from the soundtrack of a slasher film and was seemingly composed with such in mind from the onset. Therefore, the lyrics require a bit of imaginative interpretation. And within that context, what the vocalist may be doing is taking on the role Michael Myers. Michael is the main character of the movie in question titled Halloween Kills.

For instance, the singer lyrically alludes to the notion that he is already deceased, as sorta is Michael, or something like that. And knowing Michael like we do, the addressees of this piece, including the “sister” and “friend” identified in the second verse, may well be his intended or past victims. 

Indeed some reviewers have been able to ascertain that this song’s title, though being named after an actual lunar-based calendar event, is misdirecting. That is to say that what it may actually point to is the idea of the addressees, i.e. Myers’ victims, being ‘hunted’ at night, i.e. when the “moon” is out.’ So in all, this is a pretty clever way of promoting a murder-related horror movie.

Lyrics to Ghost's "Hunter's Moon"


Ghost is a unique rock band from the Scandinavian country of Sweden. What makes the band unique is the fact it consists mostly of members who wear costumes that conceal their faces. They are collectively classified as “Nameless Ghouls”. Individually, they are called “a Nameless Ghoul”. 

As such, outside of frontman Tobias Forge, it would seem that no one knows who the other bandmates are until one of such musicians retires from the group. And in that regard, there are about a dozen “known former members” currently registered. 

On top of being A list rockers in their homeland, Ghost has also been quite successful stateside. For example, their most recent studio album, Prequelle (2018) succeeded in reaching number 3 on the Billboard 200.

“Hunter’s Moon”

This song is the lead single from Halloween Kills (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2021). It was released on 30 September 2021 to market the aforementioned movie.

As many readers would already know, said Halloween is a long-running horror movie franchise. 

One of the production companies behind this Halloween installment is Blumhouse Productions.  And this song originated from an executive from that organization befriending Tobias Forge in 2018 during a Ghost performance. Perhaps what the two shared in common is that Ghost is a musical outfit which itself relies heavily on macabre imagery, which also happens to be Blumhouse’s specialty.

Hunter's Moon

Tobias Forge is one of the credited authors of this song. The others would be Fat Max Gsus and its producer Klas Åhlund.

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  1. Cirice says:

    The song is phenomenal and addictive. Perfect for the Halloween franchise. I’m going to see Ghost in person. Hope they play this.

  2. Sean Sharkey says:

    This movie is about a mob hunting micheal. The Ones who start it were in the Orignal. Most of them were kids (Tommy Doyle, Lindsey Wallace, Lonnie Elam) So when the song says “Though my memories are faded, they come back to haunt me once again” I took that as they were too young to remember much. And Hunters moon might also symbolize them hunting The Shape Down. But thats just how I interprete the lyrics.

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